When you install a package with dodo install-commands it may contain more than just command scripts. Some packages contain a so-called “drop-in” directory with configuration files and other resources such as Dockerfiles. Since the Dodo Commands philosophy is that you own your local configuration, the way to use these files is through copying them:

dodo install-commands --pip dodo-deploy-commands
# copy drop-in directory to ${/ROOT/res_dir}/drops/dodo_deploy_commands
dodo drop-in dodo_deploy_commands

The dodo drop-in command copies the package’s “drop-in” directory to ${/ROOT/res_dir}/drops/<package_name>. The default location of the drop-in source directory is in the root of the package. Alternatively, the package root may contain a .drop-in file that holds the relative path to the actual drop-in directory.

You can use a copied configuration file by including it as a layer:

# enable layer (drop.on.yaml)
dodo layer drops/dodo_deploy_commands/drop on
# disable layer (drop.off.yaml)
dodo layer drops/dodo_deploy_commands/drop off